Jungle Nature Festive Luster Lavish Sorbet

The season and occasions play a big part in our designs. Petals n Buds design philosophy believe is best not to be too predictable or static when planning a good flower arrangement. We believe the mood of the occasion should influence the materials we choose as well as the design style of the composition. We really look at the chosen flowers and foliages to find inspiration from the line of the stems, to the receding colors and we will select a container that has some compatibility to the flowers we are using. The intrinsic beauty of the product we are working with is only one half of Petals n Buds floral design. The challenge is to design aesthetically pleasing compositions using line, form and space, color balance, patterns and textures. Making sure the design is appropriate to the environment and never underestimating the power of fragrance when enjoying flowers.

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Into the Jungle 2017

Into the jungle contains exotic textured prints and patterns encompassed by brilliant muted tones of jungle hues that voice a passionate call for the wild. The allure of this refreshing, gentle trend reminds one of a warm summer tropical rain as the colors of the jungle radiate throughout the surroundings. Sun-kissed shades of orange, yellow, and red glisten alongside tropical foliage, mosses, vines, cork, and bamboo. An array of calla lilies, bird of paradise, and heliconia uniquely come together in hand-crafted woven baskets showcasing an earthy and organic appearance. Into the jungle’s ethereal tranquillity shimmers in a flowing and sheer fashion while embodying a sunlit glow only the wild can produce.

Force of Nature 2017

Force of nature invokes serene shades of blue and green, harmoniously connecting man and nature.  One cannot escape force of nature’s free and casual nautical themes overflowing with garden wonders. The soft blue patterns contrast with the aged metallic finishes to create a peaceful texture. Bundles of monobotanical irises gather together in cobalt vases as frosted floral graphics adorn glasses with a subtle pattern. Heirloom roses come alive in artesian flared glass vases alongside variegated foliage, ferns, and stem-dyed flowers. The textural pods of scabiosa and nigella combined with the elegance of orchids and hydrangeas provide force of nature with a pop of ocean blues to complement the natural greens. Letting Nature take its course. 

Festive 2016


Dramatic, with plenty of effects and a touch of glamour – this year, Christmas is set to be decidedly festive, at times even unconventional. Festive is born of hot, bright, intense colors inspired by hand crafts, fabrics and beads; unusual and quirky is clearly apparent. There is extravagant use of fur, feathers, yarns and the like, as well as bohemian animal motifs. Festive vessels are made of wood, pottery, tinted glass brightly painted ceramics filled with loose organic flower arrangements.

Flower Pallet Festival

Color Pallet Festival 2016

Luster 2016


Opulent metallic continues to be an important colour trend for 2016 exuding warmth and restrained elegance. It can be found in elements of gilded or medal plated candles, glitter, sequence, chain and jewelry. Combined with pure white flower combinations, colors or mercury, clear glass and high sheen vessels the theme of Luster only brings life to seasonal decorations. When sensitively accented with dusky pink there emerge a delicate, almost feminine and romantic compositions.

Flower Pallet Lustre 2016

Color Pallet Lustre

Lavish 2016

[embedplusvideo height=”540″ width=”783″ editlink=”http://bit.ly/1l8ynnj” standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/kq-xeZNXSgs?fs=1″ vars=”ytid=kq-xeZNXSgs&width=783&height=540&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep1212″ /]

Bold texture and natural elements is the major trendsetter for seasonal decoration. Accordingly, garden style foliage such as seeded eucalyptus, pepperberry, peonies, dahlias, hydrangea, garden roses and amaranthus grouped and draped loosely laden with lavish colors. Gorgeous soft pinks contrasted with rich plums and crimson designed in vessels made of wood, bark, brushed gold and vintage containers.

Sorbet 2016

Its sweet colors and geometric accents are polished and refined. Sorbet is a combination of pastels and brights. The style is young and fresh with a nod to mid-century modern style. The Sorbet bride loves bright and sassy and combines colors brilliantly to tell the story of her event. The color palette features lemon-yellow and adds to it rich blue, coral, spearmint, lavender, powder blue and dove grey. The soft colors are an unexpected contrast to the geometric forms in the flowers and accessories. Softly textured flowers, such as peonies, ranunculus, dahlias, delphinium and tulips, are arranged in containers that are geometric and naturally textured.


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