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Forget-Me-Not Floral Subscription

Petals n Buds understand the panic of forgetting an important occasion. It is not un-often someone comes to us with an on-the-spot gift request because their anniversary is that day or they missed an important occasion.

Now through our Forget-Me-Not subscription service, your flowers and gift are set to automatically arrive. This is good for you when it comes to anniversaries and birthdays that you want to be assured you will not miss. We suggest your flowers be delivered to your place of work, so that on those special days all you must do is arrive home, flowers in hand and be the romantic, caring, loving hero. We will always provide you a phone call prior to delivery to let you know we will be coming and to ensure you will receive your flora gift upon delivery.


Program details:

· minimum of 5 dates required (consider your mothers, partners, children, staff, co-workers or clients)

· we provide you with a courtesy phone call or email, whichever you prefer, 2 days prior to the occasion

· price includes Delivery and Rack Card with your custom bouquet

· we will deliver your arrangement before 3pm the day of your occasion

· cancellations are required 10 days prior to the occasion or full price will need to be charged. We apologize for the inconvenience, however, the process for your arrangement will have already been started

This program excludes Roses on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. However, various other beautiful flowers can be substituted if these dates are requested.

Gifts can also accompany your flora gift, please make this special request to your us, while setting up your Forget-Me-Not services. Gifts such as Crystal Jewellery & other romantic additions can also be purchased and delivered with your flower bouquets. Many of our products are on-line however for an additional fee we will also shop for you.

Forget-Me-Not Platinum Subscriptions is a minimum of five custom dates within a year at 75.00+ per order.


If you ever wanted to receive beautiful, fresh flowers delivered to your home or office regularly without any phone calls to order and hassles with payments, consider a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly Flower Subscription with Petals n Buds Florists.

You can set up a subscription for you or someone you love to receive flowers on the same day of the week, or date(s) in a month which is tailored by request at the beginning of subscription order. No hassles, no chasing or regular cash exchanges just the peace of knowing you or someone you love are guaranteed to receive flowers regularly weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and have a unique personal message attached each order. We have a system for you to set up current messages.

Flower Subscriptions are ideal for customers looking to take full advantage of the experience of our Floral Designers. By choosing “Designers Choice Designs” designers still request your input to know if there are certain flowers, colors etc. you want or want to avoid. If you let us provide you with a variety of product you, and we, will get to know what you really prefer. Let us know to the best of your knowledge and let us worry about the details.

Setting up a floral subscription is simple, and easy to do. Get in touch with us and we will forward you any forms we use to plan your service.

Forget-Me-Not Gold Subscriptions represents a minimum of $30.00+ per order x 12 minimum. Total per order can increase to any amount and 50% of the subscription must be paid up front.


Due to the discounts and added benefits of subscriptions there is a six-order minimum, after which you can cancel without penalty. Two weeks notice is required for cancellations. We do not give refunds however returns can be made within 24 hours of delivery for a trade in product. This excludes damaged or rearranged product. Exchanges must be made to 7175 West Saanich Road in person and by appointment. Subscription addresses can be redirected a maximum of two times per year. To make changes please contact us directly.

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