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Petals n Buds Bear Mountain Florists & Petals n Buds Metchosen Florist reliably deliver weekly flowers to offices, hotels, retailers and private homes across Victoria and now businesses in the Westshore and Mechosin area. Petals n Buds has an established a reputation for not only delivering consistently beautiful flowers, but also for providing excellent customer service.

Petals n Buds staff understand the importance of delivering designs that create impact and capture the essence of the company brand and identity. Your flowers will be delivered every week at a convenient time for you and they will be both fresh and long-lasting. If your flowers ever need extra attention we will have a florist on-site within hours of you contacting us.

For a free site consultation and quotation, please call or email us to arrange an appointment. We deliver office flowers 6 days a week from 7am Monday morning to midday on Saturday. Please call us for a consultation.

We tailor our products for:


Every professional knows that a large part of customer retention and satisfaction comes from how comfortable and happy clients feel when visiting your premises.

Service: Petals n Buds freshly arranged office flowers across Greater Victoria, delivered weekly. Our commitment to quality and service ensure the ambience and setting of your business speaks volumes about how your company wishes to treat their patrons.

Design: We design specifically for you, with your current decor and colors and with all the characteristics of a message you wish to send without saying a word. Using current and sophisticated techniques we ensure each vase display look their absolute best.

Delivery: Petals n Buds is a full service florist offering you the convenience of ordering arrangements with short notice.  That means, if you have a client or staff member that you wish to acknowledge, we can design and have this delivered to you same day. It’s just part of our service.

200x200 Office Front Door Bird of Paradice     230x200 Office Monday morning flowers     320x215 Office Waiting Room    100x200 Calla

250x200 Office Flowers Antherium    340x225 Office Executive Meeting Room     300x200 Office Meeting Clapping


Service: We design floral displays fine hotels and understand the high level of service that is required. A senior designer is responsible for the creative direction and delivery of the weekly flowers. The florist works side by side with the hotel to ensure the flowers, vases and props complement the interior decor.

Luxury Bouquets: In addition to weekly flowers we also deliver luxury bouquets and have a talented events team at your service. We offer hotels excellent discounts and commission agreements as part of our business relationship.

Design: We understand hotels require a wide variety of displays from simply chic table bud vases to extravagant lobby focal displays. We thrive on the challenge of designing inspirational displays of grand scale each week.

Price Guide: Our contract flower service is fully bespoke and tailored to your exacting needs. If you would like a copy of our price guide for contract flowers please email or call us today.

300x200 Hotel Front Desk 02    350x235 Hotel Meeting Room    250x200 Hotel Event Design

170x200 Hotel Loby2    240x200a Hotel Room Flowers    290x200 Hotel Bathtub Petals   140x200 Hotel Room


Service: We deliver amazing floral displays to fine restaurants and bars. Our clients are allocated a senior floral designer who work closely with each client to ensure the flowers and vases complement the interior. The flowers are delivered at the same time each week and are professionally installed by a member of our team.

Events: In addition to our weekly flowers, we also provide event flora. Should your venue be hired for a special occasion we can install flowers on every scale imaginable and happily offer you a commission for recommending our services.

Design: From classic to contemporary, we cater to all design tastes. We will work closely with you to produce gorgeous vase displays using fresh, long-lasting flowers. Should you wish to theme the flowers during calendar events, such as Christmas, simply let us know and we will propose solutions tailored to your individual requirements.

140x200 Restaurant Flowers (16)   250x200 Restaurant Flowers (1)   140x200 Restaurant Flowers (18)   250x200 Table Flowers   60x200 Bud Vase

200x200 Restaurant Flowers (12)    120x200 Restaurant Flowers (10)    300x200 Restaurant Flowers (2)    140x200 Restaurant Flowers (20)    70x200 Bird of Paradise


Service: We provide weekly floral displays for a select number of private clients. Our bespoke service is extremely discreet and we adhere to all security requirements. We work very closely with our clients and assistants to guarantee their flowers look immaculate every week. This unique service can be tailored to suit your social calendar.

Real Estate Flora: Petals n Buds assists Realtors home staging and sales efforts, with customized arrangements that fit each project’s space and specific needs. From dressing up a large open foyer that creates an inviting first impression, to providing table decor that suggests an intimate dinner party. We have the solution to complete the ambiance you wish to create.

Design: We work closely with our clients to get the floral displays just right. We happily source vases and props to complement interiors and take great care to ensure the flowers are perfectly styled each week.  We design specifically for you, mixing media to suit any budget and décor. Using one or combining two of: Fresh Flowers, Silk Flowers, Dry or Earthy medium to create a modern and sophisticated display guaranteed to impress and won’t break the bank.

160x200 Home Flora   140x200 HomeFlora (2)   200x200 HomeFlora (1)   280x200 HomeFlora (11)   70-x200 web1_edited-1

220x200 HomeFlora (4)   260x200x HomeFlora (9)   280x200 HomeFlora (9)   100x200 HomeFlora (5)


As part of your top-of-mind marketing plan, use flora complements. Making a good impression goes a long way towards improved customer acquisition and retention. When you have a need to introduce your company or you wish to leave people with a reminder of your company and products, use a single flower with elegantly wrapped with your card and/or message attached. Hand these out yourself at tradeshows, open house or have one of our representative’s hand them out for you, with your prescript. Whatever the occasion, a fresh flower will have a greater impact than a business card alone!

Prices vary from $2 ea. +

110x200    200x200 favors (8)    270x200 favors (5)    100x200 favors (1)    170x200 favors (7)

260x200 favors (3)   230x200 favors (4)   160x200   130x200 favors (2)   120x200 Cart



At Petals n Buds Bear Mountain Florists commercial floral design philosophy is “Great ideas synchronise with precise color combinations and designs. Great ideas help create wealth, but it takes a unique living atmosphere to inspire professionals to invest in great ideas.” Petals n Buds commitment to excellence in flora design and business delivery, fosters a professional culture, emphasising relationship building and intellectual rigor: one hand on top of the other. It seeks to marry the rational and emotional components of a satisfying a lucrative business.

Petals n Buds know the importance of making a strong professional statement and offers exceptional interior floral design, smooth service delivered on time and on budget.