Community Campaigns

Petals n Buds Bear Mountain Florists & Petals n Buds Metchosen Florist staff believe in community –Working together lays a strong foundation for people to live and lead healthier, happier lives. In the spirit of building happy and healthy communities, Petals n Buds company will sponsor timely thematic campaigns to support specific organizations. We are proud to introduce our current campaign: Let’s talk About Pumpkins.


Let’s Talk About Pumpkins is a community awareness campaign that doubles as a means to give financial assistance to two major organizations in our local community doing amazing things The Mustard Seed and The BC Cancer Foundation. Two major disruptions in life reveal themselves in both the physical health and the social health of our lives. Our physical health is often disrupted by catastrophic disease, such as Cancer. Our social life is often disrupted equally by conditions such as child poverty and family need.

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2015 Themes:

  • Tulip Pumpkin – built in a fresh orange pumpkin, this arrangement is overflowing with tulips.
  • Trick or Treat – built in a child’s trick or treat pumpkin, inspired by a child’s dream filled with all kinds of candy (lolly-pops, chocolate, tootsie roles, liquorish etc.)
  • Harvest Bounty – built in a ceramic pumpkin, bright colourful flowers accented with rustic natural elements & berries
  • Potted Pumpkin – potted in a fresh pumpkin, an exotic Flowering Peace Lilly.

NOTE: All forms of payment accepted are Cash & Credit (Visa, MC, AMX). Pumpkins will be delivered within 24 hours unless otherwise specified. Charges of ($15) applies to deliveries.

Please, Contact me about this Campaign.

  • We will make every effort to contact you by the end of the next business day. Please specify if you wish us to call or email you with a reply. Thank You!


Rememberance Day 2013Strong organizations such as The Royal Canadian Legion play a key role in building happy and healthy communities. We have chosen to support the Royal Canadian Legion Poppy Campaign by purchasing hundreds of poppies each year and attaching them to all our designs before delivery from November 1 leading up to the Remembrance Day ceremony.

Tara Koshman Associate Member of the Royal Canadian Legion. Both Grandparents worked loyally in the Air force during WWII and shared their stories with me growing up. Therefore, the Royal Canadian Legions Poppy Campaign is particularly meaningful. Wearing a Poppy November 1 – 11th serves to remind and teach generations, “…great effort and sacrifice is required so that we live and lead healthy, free lives.” Our Canadian troops to this day are in battles for peace every day, oversees. The Royal Canadian Legion who support our Military, Navy and Airforce members and their families is a worthy recipient.


From the beginning Petals n Buds Bear Mountain Florists has practiced a philosophy of giving back to its local community by donating products, monetary donations or giving gift certificates. We do this by donating any flowers which had not sold throughout the week to worthy causes and contributing monthly bouquets to support causes dear to our heart. Petals n Buds will also sponsor timely thematic campaigns to support specific organizations. Some of the recipients have been:

280x150 Logo BC Cancer Foundation  280x150 Logo Mustard   280x150 Logo Cridge

280x150 Logo Westshore Alliance    280x150 Logo Braefoot  280x150 Logo RCL_edited-1

There are many great reasons to give and deserving causes to give to, in our community. Therefore to help us with this process we have outlined the following eligibility requirements.  We welcome any new requests for support if you meet these three requirements:

  1. The organization must be a registered charity– eligible to issue official tax receipts for donations– or an established not-for-profit community cause.
  2. The organization or cause must be serving in Greater Victoria or the Westshore Community.
  3. The focus and basis of the organization must be preventative rather than simply remedial.

We prefer you submit a 777 word, letter explaining how you believe Petals n Buds can best meet your needs. Please include the following details:

  1. The full name of your organization, including website and email address
  2. Address, telephone number and contact person’s name
  3. Description of the specific event for which a donation is sought
  4. The date of the event
  5. Type of donation requested (product/gift-certificates/monetary).

Please submit your request via e-mail at least 12 weeks prior to your event, and allow us 8 weeks to review and respond to your inquiry. Requests should be e-mailed to and choose to address your letter to either:

Petals N Buds Bear Mountain Florists

or to 

Petals n Buds Metchosen Florist