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We deliver a service designed to foster romance and enrich any social experience. A client’s pleasurable evening at your establishment or event can be made even better by the presence of that extra “little something” – flowers and gifts. These tokens of appreciation and affection bring a smile – ensuring that positive association happens at your business! Have one of our friendly, professional representatives unobtrusively do a tour of your premises where your patrons can buy something special, for someone special.


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Our representatives will arrive during a pre-determined time window with both single-stem flowers and well-designed bouquets fitting to the season or celebration. Once flagged by a customer, each transaction will happen quickly and quietly with little or no interruption to your regular business dealings. Girl Camera Black White, white edgeIn addition, a complimentary photo will be offered to capture that special moment, and upon request the image will be sent to your client free of charge leaving them a reminder not only of their experience but also the restaurant or event. Suitable on a regular-weekly basis or bespoke for celebrations reunions, staff parties, birthdays, Christmas Parties, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc.

An electronic copy of your photo will be sent you free of charge. Or you can have an 8×10 hard copy of the photo mailed to you for a $10 fee. Place your order below.

Promotions & Advertising Flowers

Making a good impression goes a long way towards improved customer acquisition and retention. When you have a need to introduce your company or you wish to leave people with a reminder of your company and products [as part of your top-of-mind marketing plan], think of using single-stem flowers with your card and/or message attached. Hand these out yourself at trade shows and open houses or have one of our representative’s them for you, with your prescript. Whatever the occasion, a fresh flower always has a great impact.


Budding Entrepreneur

My name is Tara and although you may think you know me, I bet you didnt know that I started making bouquets when I was six years old. It’s true, six years old and people were telling me I was going to be a florist when I grew up. Let me tell you haw that all started. When I was six my sister and I used to go to daycare together at Ogden House. It was a big building beside our elementary school and it had the largest feild that seemed to go on for acres. It was full of tall grass with patches of green, and speckled with bright yellow dandelions, white shasta daisies and other wild flowers blue and purple. I loved to gather the most beautiful tall flowers in groupings as large as my hand could hold. I would give them to as many teachers in the yard as I could find. If I was lucky enough to get a bouquet together before the school bus came to pick us up to take us home, I would excitedly hand them to my mother when the bus doors opened to let us down. Every one used to say, you are going to be a florist when you grow up. I don’t know if I fully understood what they meant by that, but I do remember making pretend markets with the neighbour kids outside and trying to sell little groupings of flowers. It was quite the thing, because sometimes one of the neighbours parents would come over to my little table and hand me a quarter for one of my bouquets saying, “these are lovely!” It always gave me a great bit of joy when I saw their simile and I think it was then that I started the journey to becoming a florist.

This was all set aside until I was an early teenager. I was moving quite a bit, between my parents who were now divorced. City to city we went and then one day I was hired to sell flowers for someone who owned their own little home based business in Crnabrook BC. They gave me lots of training on basic flower work, although I really wasnt designing yet. I was taught how to talk to customers and sell the flowers that I had cleaned. I was very inquisitive, asking just as many business questions as how to put together a pretty rose arrangement. It was not long after that I was in my 12th year of school and graduating six months ahead of schedule. I was living on my own at that time, working a part time job and now I had time to apply to start my own business. The BCD guided me through this process and after five applications I was finally accepted as one of their Entrepreneurs in the making. 

It was then that I opened and operated, my first floral business and named it “Petals n Buds.” I drew my own logo, made business cards and off I went to establish myself in Cranbrook BC. It was a success. I grew the business to extend into a few small towns in the Kooteneys. I had staff and they were happy. I was happy that they were happy but I had competition. By this time I had become a Christian and some of my priorities were changing along with how I spent my social time. I quit drinking, smoking, dating, and doing any kind of drug. I wanted to go to a new place for just two years, commit to attending church every Sunday and work to safe for a Bible College education. I legally sold ‘Petals n Buds’ to one of my staff members and I moved to a bigger city to launch again. Hello, Lethbridge AB!

I was young, pretty, ambitious, responsible, friendly etc and the launch of Budding Impressions was up and running with a profit in three weeks. My customer base was established after three months and I was beginning to make loyal customers who seemed to look forward to seeing me. I established a very good business relationship with the local business people and my goal to go to College and graduate without debt was in focus. Not yet realising what I had created, I sold my business in 1996 to once again –a staff, and off I went on my new adventure at Bible School.

Graduating with a Bachelor Degree in 2000, after working a year Hands On in a drop in center serving the First Nations in Saskatoon, I moved to Victoria BC set on setting up the same ministry out here.  I have been on a journey getting to know our social services, business people, and being employed by different societies to assist them. Similarly, I have been encouraged along the way to further my training in the field and volunteer.  In 2010 I launched Petals n Buds selling flowers table side. Reestablishing myself in the business world, with competition, and in evening culture Petals n Buds morphed into Budding Impressions which is now only one of the services provided by Petals n Buds. My goal, with Budding Impressions is to help students survive in school by giving them employment in a fun social environment, where they are safe and can make a better then average wage. Bit it does not have to stop there -if you want business training and want to set up your own business I will help you. I have created a reproducible process in which Budding Entrepreneurs may easily and seamlessly run in any city, equally with rewarding success.

Let me tell you why I believe this business is truly meant for the Budding Entrepreneur! The client culture in each community is unique which requires an equally unique approach to the established service of flowers sold table-side in restaurants, lounges, neighbourhood pubs, and nightclubs. Male or Female, young people have fresh ideas, strive for excellence, know or will learn to recognise their client base without prejudice and with the understanding that their success is based on 1) their networking skills toward hospitality business owners and 2) by building good-will and loyalty with their customers.

The Budding Entrepreneurs model includes experienced coaching and fair opportunity for students that serve them well as our future business leaders. There is no reason why you cannot do as well as the two successful young entrepreneurs I hired, trained, and launched when they purchased Petals n Buds in 1994 and Budding Impressions in 1996. Petals n Buds is very proud of this history and maintains the trend, allowing young people the opportunity to manage and own their own business without a great deal of risk.

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