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Flowers & Philanthropy Dec 08, 2018 »

The Mustard Seed Street Church opened its doors in 1975 and have since been an integral part of the greater Victoria community. They are Vancouver Island’s largest food bank and Family Center. They provide hospitality programs, addiction recovery, as well as traditional church services. The Mustard seed is 100% community funded with over 50 volunteers helping along the way. Bring your own mug and enjoy a steaming cup of Joe at our Mustard Seed Coffee Bar! Petals N Buds Supports the Mustard…

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DIY Poinsettia Centerpiece Dec 01, 2018 »

Poinsettias are a classic and beautiful addition to any winter decorating. This Christmas season try a twist on traditional by creating a beautiful centerpiece with poinsettias and foraged items right out of your back yard. Take the family for a walk and bring some clippers!

What you’ll need:

· A big bucket for your collected items.

· Sharp clippers so you can make clean cuts to the wild brush.

· A potted Poinsettia.

· 1 larger pot for planted…

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Quotable for the 2 x 3.5" Card Jul 16, 2018 »

Sending flowers as a gift is a very personal and powerful gift to give in any situation. In itself it will send a message "I am thinking of you" and "you are important to me." But what about that little 2 x 3.5" card that goes with it. Senders always get confused as to what short sweet message they should include in this gift that really convey warm wishes. Petals N Buds florists try to help you with your messages and this is a page dedicated to give you some ideas which should make sending a…

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Origin of Flowers Jul 01, 2018 »


Origin & History

Alstroemeria is a Peruvian Lily named after the Swedish botanist Baron Klas von Alstroemer. This South American flower's seeds were among many collected by von Alstroemer on a trip to Spain in 1753. Alstoemeria comes in many colors, is long lasting and fills out a bouquet beautifully.


Origin & History

While snapdragons were common in the earliest gardens, their actual origin is not known. Some botanists believe they originally grew wild in Spain and Italy.…

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Immature Dating Habits Jun 15, 2018 »

1. Text message date invites.

If you think back to your all-time favorite moments of interaction with friends, surely they won’t be text message conversations. Yes, faceless communication in romance is easier because the other person can’t see your nervousness and you have time to think of witty things and edit your responses, but courting via text is the electronic equivalent of a 5th grader passing a “Do you like me?” note. When it comes to romantics, it should always be…

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