My name is Tara koshman and I am the Owner and Cretive Director of Petals n Buds Bear Mountain Florists.

Prior to the launch of Petals n Buds in Victoria, BC, I initiated, operated, expanded, and sold two floral business chapters of Table-Side Sales between the ages of 19 and 25. I opened the first highly successful business in Cranbrook, BC before selling the operation and re-establishing in Lethbridge, AB. I launched Budding Impressions in Victoria after gaining several contracts to operate cooperatively with Victoria's local business community. I have created reproducible business in which Budding Entrepreneurs may easily and seamlessly run in any city, equally with rewarding success.

Let me tell you why I believe this business is truly meant for the Budding Entrepreneur! The client culture in each community is unique which requires an equally unique approach to the established service of flowers sold table-side in restaurants, lounges, neighborhood pubs, and nightclubs. Male or female, young people have fresh ideas, strive for excellence, know or will learn to recognize their client base without prejudice and with the understanding that their success is based on 1) their networking skills toward hospitality business owners and 2) by building good-will and loyalty with their customers.

The Budding Entrepreneurs model includes experienced coaching and fair opportunity for students that serve them well as our future business leaders. There is no reason why you cannot do as well as the two successful young entrepreneurs I hired, trained, and launched when they purchased Petals n Buds in 1994 and Budding Impressions in 1996. Petals n Buds is very proud of this history and maintains the trend, allowing young people the opportunity to manage and own their own business without a great deal of risk.

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