My name is Tara, and I would like to tell you a little bit about me.

When I was a girl, I made mud pies and it did not matter how messy I got because I knew how much my friends enjoyed them. And when mom had me sit silent while she cut clients hair so did I, every piece of hair that fell to the floor, I managed to cut even cleaner. While my dad cleared the yard, we pulled weeds from the garden and ate baby carrots. I remember always being busy, working at something and my parents took me everywhere. As they did, so I learned. I learned how to do a little of everything and not be scared to learn what I don’t know yet.

Things I don’t know only inspire me. I see potential in everything and everyone. I can envision a brand-new concept for children and families, and I can feel the mood of people when they call on the phone asking for something. It is like people radiate their wishes, wants and desires and I can translate that into my designs. I love challenges and every little bit that goes into being a part of industry design.

Things change, and as they do, we need to change. Nothing we build is stagnant, it always needs upgrading, morphing, and moving. Our design room has changed four times in three years due to weather, flow, and needs. It’s a lot of work to change a space, phones need moving and extending, furniture needs disassembling and reassembling again, and then the feel and layout and workflow moves with it. It can be expensive but it’s a progressive ambition to always make things better for the daily work that happens. And that is what I do.

I meet, greet, speak, envision. I am proactive and need to make things better for a team of people and for an extended family –our customers. We hope you like what we do, we hope we get better and where we have growing pains that you forgive us. We appreciate your feedback because we learn what we need to change. Our most impactful change was implementing a vigorous email communication system whereby customers are notified by email at many corners throughout the process of completing their order. For example, after the order has been dispatched by a driver, at three minutes away from its destination and after it has arrived. It also allows customers to watch the route of the driver. We know our customers like this, and we are so glad to offer this service. Our most recent change is underway.

Where because of significant changes in the economy, some customers are asking for products and not just full design. So we are helping Farmers offer products on Vancouver Island to customers who are asking. Thank you for reading and thank you for keeping us posted on what you would like to see and what you like about Petals n Buds.

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