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10 Early Warning Signs Your in a Bad Relationship
Bad date

9 Ways to Know Your in a Bad Relationship

Most of us want to meet and settle down with the RIGHT person, and most of us want such a relationship to last. Yet 53% of marriages in the U.S., 48% in Canada, 47% in the U.K., and 43% in Australia end in divorce. What are some of the most important indicators, when you’re first getting to know a new interest, that he/she will have the keys to long-term relationship success. Of course there are positive things to look for and negative signs to see, this blog will focus on the red flags. Please after you are finished with read, you will do quite well to learn the great signs that your fling has all the potential to go long term.

Having clarity about a situation is always empowering, and knowing the signs can help you to decide if you need to end the relationship early. Here are 10 signs that you're in for a tough ride:

1.Your partner spends more time looking at their phone than talking to you. It is bad when it happens and you are out in public but STOP-DROP-and RUN when he doesn't turn off his notifications no matter where you are.This is rude, and shows a lack of emotional intelligence. Don't expect things to improve, moving forward.

2.Your partner is being flirtatious with the wait staff, other patrons, and even friends.Imagine how they'll be if one of them decided to flirt back. If they turn it on when your around, they wont have a turn off valve when its reciprocated. Instead they will just look for the best ways to hide it.

3. Your partner is nasty or condescending with strangers. If to servers, cab drivers, delivery persons etc your partner is anything less than kind and generous, this is simply a predictor that they will eventually act this way with you too.

4. Your partner complains about prices -all the time.If your partner invites you out but then makes a point of bringing up cost or prices at the bar or restaurant, they are being cheap. If they are cheap with money it indicates that they lack generosity of spirit as well and there will also be emotional rationing.

4. Your partner spends a lot of the time going on about their ex. They haven't let go of their ex, so they aren't ready to start something new. This is different then comparing you to their past experiences. Although both are red flags, it is all consuming behaviour to go on about one person. It is just a not respectful to bring up another person’s name while your are working though something new.

5. Your partner makes it clear to you that their job, child or hobby is their number one priority. They're letting you know now that spending time with you is way down on their list.

6. Your partner talks and talks about themselves but asks you practically nothing about yourself. This is someone who's so self-involved that you're unlikely to have your needs met. Be aware, down the road… you would feel trapped and it will be very hard to get them to see things from your perspective -if impossible.

7. Your partner starts peppering you with personal questions that feel like an interrogation. This person has no idea of how to gradually create a meaningful connection.

8. Your partner brags, name drops or acts like a boor. They are being more interested in impressing you, or eliciting some type of reaction from you, than getting to know you. Be aware, that you may just become another name to drop when they are trying to impress someone else –an object rather than a person.

9. Your partner is creepily over-familiar with you, even though it's the first time you've met. This person has terrible boundaries, so expect them to disregard yours if you continue to see them.

If you're experiencing one or two of these things with your partner its normal, as very few of us are flawless getting to know someone new. However, if you're experiencing many of them, it's best to cut your partner loose and move on to your next first date.

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