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Community Compost

There are tons of perks to composting, so we’re going to break down exactly what we believe we gain by transforming our organic materials through composting.

At Petals n Buds Florist, our staff like to be considerate of our environment because we understand how heavily we rely on the earth and our Eco systems to give us the beautiful flowers and foliage we need to make elaborate floral arrangements. Petals n Buds company values everyone’s efforts made to lower our human carbon footprint and support these ecosystems.

The garbage we cannot reuse winds up in the landfills, but when you add the raw organic material to it, you double the volume going into those landfills. Due to the processing of garbage, the good organic waste gets crunched so tightly together with the non-organic materials that the normal natural process of composition is changed. What winds up happening is an increased production of methane gasses and double the required space for garbage disposal sites which leaves an incredible carbon footprint. So, instead of disposing of our green organic waste we collect it for Community Compost pick up twice a week.

We simply pay community composting to recycle our organics and in addition Petals n Buds repotting our plants in healthy community compost our customers can additionally buy 20 litre bags of living organic soil bursting with beneficial microbes and mycorrhizal fungi that connect plants in a strong network of communication, and Petals n Buds staff like that.

So, if you are looking for dirt, contact us, and support the system that is trying to give back to the ground we survive by.

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