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History of Bow-Making
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History of a Florists Bow

Of course, every time you picture a gift wrapped in beautiful paper you also see an equally beautiful ribbon to accompany it.

In many cases the bow is seen as the luxury of any gift wrap. Whether it is as ordinary as a single fabric in a series of loops, or an exquisite combination of multiple fabrics of varying threads and textures looped and layered. The sheer fabric of ribbon was once an exclusive material that was believed should only belong to the nobility and upper-class to signify wealth and luxury. Therefore, making giving the bow we know and use today, a romantic history that is both interesting and edows prestige with reception.

Historically all bows were handmade projects of silk, the most delicate thread and preferred fabric of mobility, making the gift giving bow quite expensive during the early ages. So, when gift giving began to incorporate bows, it stormed the world with appearances in the Industrial Revolution, Napoleonic Wars, and the Victorian era.

In the 1930s, stationery stores tapped into mass production for the sale of bows with giftwraps. This duo proved to bring a smile to any recipient’s face of all high and low stature and florist are expected to know how to make beautiful bows from scratch, without the use of industrial mass production. Bows with are void of duplicate, and as original as one arrangement is to another.

We are trained to create bows of every size, for every purpose including bows for wearable jewelry, wedding designs, to presentation bouquets. Our bows are often as elaborate as the flower arrangements themselves encompassing as many as four different fabrics per bow: Silk, Satin, and Lace, or Crushed Velvet and Acetate among other fabrics. Bows also dress up a potted green or blooming plant.

Petals n Buds Bow Making

We think you would enjoy learning how to make a standard custom florist grade bow so we linked a video.

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