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Daytime Workshops Nov 30, 2022 »

ime Workshops are scheduled on Wednesdays or Saturdays and start at 1:00pm planned to last no longer than an hour and fifteen minutes however they sometimes will linger when people are having fun. Registration is encouraged because we want you to come into a space completely welcoming and pre-set for you. However you may drop in, and register on the spot.

Maximum 10 people per class. See our upcoming daytime schedule below.



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History of a Florists Bow Oct 31, 2022 »

Of course, every time you picture a gift wrapped in beautiful paper you also see an equally beautiful ribbon to accompany it.

In many cases the bow is seen as the luxury of any gift wrap. Whether it is as ordinary as a single fabric in a series of loops, or an exquisite combination of multiple fabrics of varying threads and textures looped and layered. The sheer fabric of ribbon was once an exclusive material that was believed should only belong to the nobility and upper-class to signify…

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WORKSHOP - NOV. 9 2022 Oct 26, 2022 »

We had a great time at our November 9th Daytime Workshop. It ran over time 1:00 - 3:30 as we chatted and enjoyed getting to know each other over design. Workshops are scheduled on Wednesdays or Saturdays and start at 1:00pm planned to last no longer the 1.2 hr. Registration is encouraged because we want you to come into a space completely welcoming and pre-set for you. However you may drop in, and register on the spot.

Maximum of 10 people per class.


We made a dry flower…

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Backcountry Bonfires Oct 14, 2022 »

irst dates are loaded with emotion: Excitement, nerves, jitters, and joy, as well as a sense of possibility and hope of what it may turn into, be it a great romance or just a hilarious story to share with your pals over cocktails later. But finding love these days is tricky because we're often meeting someone new from only an online interaction. So, managing the first get-together with minimal awkwardness can be difficult but let’s say we could help.

What if we said, you could…

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Community Compost Oct 10, 2022 »

There are tons of perks to composting, so we’re going to break down exactly what we believe we gain by transforming our organic materials through composting.

At Petals n Buds Florist, our staff like to be considerate of our environment because we understand how heavily we rely on the earth and our Eco systems to give us the beautiful flowers and foliage we need to make elaborate floral arrangements. Petals n Buds company values everyone’s efforts made to lower our human carbon…

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Plants Have Feelings Jun 08, 2020 »

Houseplants are good for your health — and not just for their visual beauty. Why? They essentially do the opposite of what we do when we breathe: release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. This not only freshens up the air, but also eliminates harmful toxins. Extensive research by NASA has revealed that houseplants can remove up to 87 per cent of air toxin in 24 hours. Studies have also proven that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15 percent!), reduce stress…

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Mother’s Day during COVID-19 in Victoria British Columbia May 25, 2020 »

Mothers day comes a long once a year, celebrated by people around the globe for over 100 years. But due to covid19 pandemic things went a little differently this year. With businesses closed, staff layoffs, and people asked to isolate, anxiety during this time was at a high. Without much warning, we received orders from all over the globe by customers wanting to send flowers and gifts to loved ones they care for and concerned about. Due to the volume, there was a national communication…

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DESIGN CLASSES Nov 09, 2019 »



For each…

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Sunflowers: July 23 - August 21 Aug 02, 2019 »

Horoscope mythology, called Zodiac, was born of the idea that the paths of the planets corresponding to the band of stars about eight arc degrees above and below the ecliptic controlled the personality of babies born at specific times during this celestial cycle. Sound confusing? This is Grecian belief originating with the Babylonians became prominent during the Roman Empire.

Although the ecliptic coordinate system is the foundation of the zodiac, modern people recognize only the…

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The Ins-and-Outs of Rhododendron Jul 15, 2019 »

A woody tree that bursts with beautiful blooms in trusses and grows beautifully in moderate and moist climates. Our Vancouver Island Westshore climate is a hub for such natural growing beauty. Rhododendron are excellent garden variety shrubs although their blooms are not conducive to surviving off the tree. The woody stems starve for their roots and dry up quickly off their trunk. That is not to say the blooms cannot be enjoyed o the table however in this condition they will stay plush for…

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Delphinium June 22 - July 22 Jun 22, 2019 »

Horoscope mythology, called Zodiac, was born of the idea that the paths of the planets corresponding to the band of stars about eight arc degrees above and below the ecliptic controlled the personality of babies born at specific times during this celestial cycle. Sound confusing? This is Grecian belief originating with the Babylonians became prominent during the Roman Empire.

Although the ecliptic coordinate system is the foundation of the zodiac, modern people recognize only the twelve…

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Making Cut Hydrangea Last Longer Jun 22, 2019 »

Hydrangea Care

At Petals n Buds, we cut the hydrangea just above the knot at a 90 degree angle under water and treat them in a hydrating liquid before arranging. If you find your hydrangea are looking flimsy try one of the methods below to rehydrate them. Its important that you use these methods as soon as you notice any dehydration as there is a point to which the interior cells of the plant become so dry, they are unable to take up water and unable to be replenished. We want you to enjoy…

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Canada In Bloom Jun 01, 2019 »

Unique flower emblems represent the Canadian provinces and territories. These symbols represent the sovereignty and the various provincial identities. They express the different features of a province or territory. The provincial floral symbols account for the flowers that grow in that area. Get to know Canada below.

1. Yukon - Fireweed

The Fireweed (Epilobium angustifolium) flower got its name because it is the first plant to grow abundantly in areas struck by forest fire. Plants like this…

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Notable & Quotable: She Who is my Mother Apr 07, 2019 »

To a child's ear, "mother" is magic in any language.

- Arlene Benedict, For Mother with Love

God sees us through our Mothers' eyes and rewards us for our virtues.

- Ganeshan Venkatarman, Indian philosopher

Life began with waking up and loving my mother's face

- George Eliot, English novelist

Mother is the name of God in the lips and hearts of children.

- William Makepeace Thackeray, English novelist

A mother is she who can take the place of all others.

- Cardinal Mermillod

A mother's love is…

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Notable & Quotable: Rose Apr 04, 2019 »

"My fear of roses is a thorny issue. I'm not sure what it stems from, but it seems likely I'll be stuck with it."

— Unknown

"Puns n' roses."

— Unknown

"Rose to the occasion."

— Unknown

"Thanks a bunch."

— Unknown

"I love you bunches."


My loves stems deep.

— Unknown

"My love flowers like a rose."

— Unknown

"This is a budding romance."

— Unknown

"Stop and smell the rosé"

— Unknown

"Rosé the day away."

— Unknown

" is pink.…

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Notable & Quotable: Not-so-secret Admirer Apr 04, 2019 »

When love came first to Earth,

the Spring spread rose-beds to receive him.

- Thomas Campbell, Scottish poet (1777-1844)

Flowers are the beautiful hieroglyphics of nature by which she indicates how much she loves us.

- Johann Von Goerthe, German poet (1749-1832)

A flower is the most eligible object in the world.

- Unknown

To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat.

- Beverly Nichols, English writer

Life is the flower for which love is the honey.

- Victor Hugo,…

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Notable & Quotable: Kiss Me More Mar 27, 2019 »

You need to be kissed – and often – by someone who knows how.

- Rhett Butler to Scarlett O'Hara, Gone with the Wind

What a woman!

- Rhett Butler, Gone with the Wind

The more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite.

- Juliet to Romeo, Wm. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Here's looking at you kid.

- Humphrey Bogart to Ingrid Bergman, Casablanca

I was born when you kissed me.
I died when you left.
I lived a few weeks while you loved me.

- Humphrey Bogart to Gloria…

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Notable & Quotable: Birthday Mar 27, 2019 »

At 20, the will reigns; at 30, the wit; and at 40, the judgement.

- Benjamin Franklin, "Poor Richard's Almanac"

You know your getting old when your childhood toys are now collectibles and antiques.

-Petals n Buds Customer

Youth is a gift of nature, but age is a gift of art.

-Petals n Buds Customer

We are born naked, wet and hungry. Then things get worse!

- FTD customer

Aging is mandatory. Maturity is optional.

- Chris Antonak

You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely.


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Notable & Quotable: Get Well Mar 26, 2019 »

A doctor can bury his mistakes; an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.

- Frank Lloyd Wright.

He who has health has hope,

but he who has hope has everything.

- Arab proverb

Never go to a doctor's office where office plants have died.

- Erma Bombeck, American humorist

What counts is not the size of the dog in a fight -

It's the size of the fight in the dog.

- Dwight D. Eisenhower, American president (1958)

People who feel well are sick people neglecting themselves.

- Jules…

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Notable & Quotable: Encouragement Mar 26, 2019 »

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

— Maya Angelou

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

— Anne Frank

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”

— Mother Teresa

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”

— Malala Yousafzai

“It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but even more…

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Notable & Quotable: Celebrate Life Mar 25, 2019 »

In my end is my beginning.

- T.S.Eliot, Four Quartets

Those who live in the Lord never see each other for the last time.

- FTD customer

Only time moves on to the next scene. Memory remains part of the heart forever.

- FTD customer

And he will wipe out every tear form their eyes and death will be no more.

- Revelations 21:4

The way through the world is more difficult to find than the way beyond it.

- Wallace Stevens, American poet

Death is not the last sleep. It is the final awakening.

- Walter…

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Notable & Quotable: Congratulations Mar 25, 2019 »

When you've got it, flaunt it!

- Zero Mostel, in the film The Producers

The most difficult part of attaining perfection is finding something to do for an encore.

- Unknown

Success is that old ABC: ability, breaks and courage.

- Charles Luckman, American architect

Winning is not everything. It's the only thing.

- Vince Lombardi, American pro football coach

Exams and grades are temporary; but education is permanent.

-Petals n Buds Bear Mountain Florist Customer

Congratulations on your…

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Rawr means "I LOVE YOU" in Dinosaur Feb 14, 2019 »

Love is written in every language. It is the one thing we all feel, for whomever we wish. Yet most of us cannot define it. Its the "thing" that surpasses understanding and leaves us guessing. Its easy to say "I LOVE YOU" but how do you define that thing. How can you know if its love that you feel toward someone else or, for that matter, by someone else? So here it is... I am going to tell how I see love. Not that I wrote it or somehow came up with a definition, but how I was taught, this is…

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Cards 3.5 x 2 Feb 10, 2019 »

So, we like to do things as unique and special as possible for our customers. As part of showing this, we regularly create original 3.5 x 2 customer note cards to give away on arrangements. We try too make our messages meaningful and attractive. You tell us what you think. Our originals follow.

Let us know if you want a message you find difficult to find.

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The Meaning of Colors Feb 08, 2019 »

Flowers express a message without a spoken word.

When you choose to give flowers, you send more than beautiful petals n buds; you send a message without any spoken words. Yet often this is easier said than done; not all flowers deliver the right messages and the question arises “Which flowers do you give? How do you ‘know’ you are giving the right ones?” Spend the time getting to know what each color represents and consider sending an un-traditional number of stems or…

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Top 10 Ways for Him to be Romantic Feb 08, 2019 »

Thoughtfulness is nearly the beginning; true Romantics know just how to go above and beyond the call of duty.

1. When you climb into bed, hold her hand. If she caresses you, tell her you want to fall asleep holding her close without letting go of her hand.

2. Don’t just walk into the house tonight as you always do, instead pause on the porch, ring the doorbell and greet her with one red rose and a bottle of champagne.

3. Sometimes a good gift is made superb just…

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How to Say "Happy Valentine's Day" All Around the World Feb 04, 2019 »

Valentine's Day is an opportunity for people in Canada to tell somebody that they love them in a romantic way. It falls on February 14, the name day of two saints, St Valentine of Rome and St Valentine of Terni. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, stores are flooded with candy hearts, chocolates and stuffed animals. In Canada the shelves are brimming with romantic gestures including giving flowers, teddy bears, boxes of chocolate and mylar balloons. Some people celebrate Valentine's…

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Helium Balloon Additions Jan 23, 2019 »

What is a Mylar balloon? Why do I want to add a Mylar balloon to my floral order? What designs are available in Mylar? How long does a Mylar balloon last?

Well, let me help you decide. These balloons are made of a material called "mylar" which is a durable metallic material that has a degree of stretch. Metallic balloons are generally filled with helium so they can float, though there are also smaller balloons that are filled with air and then attached to sticks. Either choices are…

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One of the most meaningful symbols of romance. The Rose. Its beauty expresses hope as its petals twist open, we hope our lives and relationship’s do also. Its scent is evoking passion and tenderness. Its variance of colors embraces every color and combination in the rainbow. The Rose. The stateliest flower to grace the garden.

So, what can you do with the rose, that surpasses the garden?

There are many ways to use the rose petal. From its health benefits to decoration, emotional…

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Flowers & The Mustard Seed Dec 08, 2018 »

The Mustard Seed Street Church opened its doors in 1975 and have since been an integral part of the greater Victoria community. They are Vancouver Island’s largest food bank and Family Center. They provide hospitality programs, addiction recovery, as well as traditional church services. The Mustard seed is 100% community funded with over 50 volunteers helping along the way. Bring your own mug and enjoy a steaming cup of Joe at our Mustard Seed Coffee Bar! Petals N Buds Supports the…

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Dress-Up a Poinsettia for any Christmas Party Dec 01, 2018 »

Poinsettias are a classic and beautiful addition to any winter decorating. This Christmas season try a twist on traditional by creating a beautiful centerpiece with poinsettias and foraged items right out of your back yard. Take the family for a walk and bring some clippers!

What you’ll need:

  • A big bucket for your collected items
  • Sharp clippers so you can make clean cuts to the wild brush
  • A potted Poinsettia
  • 1 larger pot for planted poinsettia and to create your centerpiece.
  • Potting…
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Origin of Flowers Jul 01, 2018 »


Origin & History

Alstroemeria is a Peruvian Lily named after the Swedish botanist Baron Klas von Alstroemer. This South American flower's seeds were among many collected by von Alstroemer on a trip to Spain in 1753. Alstoemeria comes in many colors, is long lasting and fills out a bouquet beautifully.


Origin & History

While snapdragons were common in the earliest gardens, their actual origin is not known. Some botanists believe they originally grew wild in Spain and Italy.…

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Immature Dating Habits Jun 15, 2018 »

1. Text message date invites.

If you think back to your all-time favorite moments of interaction with friends, surely they won’t be text message conversations. Yes, faceless communication in romance is easier because the other person can’t see your nervousness and you have time to think of witty things and edit your responses, but courting via text is the electronic equivalent of a 5th grader passing a “Do you like me?” note. When it comes to romantics, it should always be…

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Date #2 Best Ideas Ever May 15, 2018 »

If you're anything like me, you're constantly at a loss for new and interesting date ideas. Seriously, I love dinner and a movie as much as the next girl but every now and then you need something a little more exciting. Petals n Buds staff think there is nothing wrong with the quintessential standard dinner date but think if you consider yourself spontaneous and maybe even ‘above average’ in the realm of candidates for dating you may want to put a twist in your dating ops. And we…

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Mature Dating Habits May 01, 2018 »

While many acts of chivalry can help to show someone you care for them, they are just temporary acts of kindness. It's possible for someone’s intentions to be masked with fleeting behaviors. Mature dating habits are more genuine dating habits that actually build stronger and lasting relationships. There are many ways to establish trust and safety in a relationship, and here are just a few examples.

Call, do not text a date invite.

While this one is listed as an act of chivalry to bring…

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Say "I LOVE YOU" all around the world. Feb 14, 2018 »

Rawr means I Love You! in Dinosaur. There are hundreds of languages in the world. Tell her how you feel, in language spoken around the world.

BascNere Maitea
BatakHolong rohangku di ho
BavarianI mog di narrisch gern
BengaliAmi tomAy bhAlobAshi
BengaliAmi tomake bhalobashi
BerberLakh tirikh
BicolNamumutan ta ka
Bolivian Quechuaqanta munani
BulgarianObicham te
Burmesechit pa de


CambodianBon sro lanh oon
Cambodiankh_nhaum soro_lahn nhee_ah
Canadian FrenchJe t'aime
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Feb 01, 2018 »

Three-piece suits, pocket squares and fob watches may be coming back into fashion, but that doesn’t mean the guys wearing them can be classified as ‘gentlemen.’ Today we’re going to have a look at the qualities a true gentleman possesses. I’d also like to point out this is just as relevant to women, because essentially being a gentleman means not being an arsehole to people, and there are plenty of girls who can apply this philosophy to their every day lives. So when…

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Jan 31, 2018 »

Symbolic Chinese Number Meanings

The Chinese believe numbers are very symbolic and will bring luck or be unlucky to the people in its presence. The symbolic meaning of numbers is based on how the sound of that number is similar to the sound of a positive trait or life objective. Because the Chinese culture was spread over a large area, where people were separated by physical barriers such as mountains and political allegiance, regional dialects differed between the Chinese. Therefore, some…

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Dec 29, 2017 »

Spending quality time together with another person doesn't need to cost that much, after all love doesn't cost anything. Sometimes the most fun you’ll ever experience costs little to nothing. If you’re low on money or just tired of the same kind of dates over and over again, then try these ideas for a fun inexpensive change of pace.

Go on a scavenger hunt together

Participate in a local scavenger hunt or create one of your own.

Watch a movie at home on mute while the two of you…

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9 Ways to Know Your in a Bad Relationship Oct 29, 2017 »

Most of us want to meet and settle down with the RIGHT person, and most of us want such a relationship to last. Yet 53% of marriages in the U.S., 48% in Canada, 47% in the U.K., and 43% in Australia end in divorce. What are some of the most important indicators, when you’re first getting to know a new interest, that he/she will have the keys to long-term relationship success. Of course there are positive things to look for and negative signs to see, this blog will focus on the red flags.…

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The advice I like to give young designers, or really anybody who'll listen to me, is not to wait around for inspiration. Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up and get to work. If you wait around for the clouds to part and a bolt of lightning to strike you in the brain, you are not going to make an awful lot of work. All the best ideas come out of the process; they come out of the work itself. Things occur to you. If you're sitting around trying to dream up a great art idea,…

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Meaningful Poems Oct 03, 2017 »

a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime

I like to think people come into our life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When we know which one it is, we will know what to do for that person in return. When someone is in your life for a reason, it may be to meet a need you have expressed. They may seem like a godsend: assisting you through difficulty, providing you with guidance and support or aiding you physically, emotionally or spiritually. At an inconvenient time, this person may say or do…

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An Inexpensive Way To Create A Romantic Date Oct 03, 2017 »

Spending quality time together with another person doesn't need to cost that much, after all love doesn't cost anything. Sometimes the most fun you'll ever experience costs little to nothing. If you're low on money or just tired of the same kind of dates over and over again, then try these ideas for a fun inexpensive change of pace.

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