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The Mustard Seed Street Church opened its doors in 1975 and have since been an integral part of the greater Victoria community. They are Vancouver Island’s largest food bank and Family Center. They provide hospitality programs, addiction recovery, as well as traditional church services. The Mustard seed is 100% community funded with over 50 volunteers helping along the way. Bring your own mug and enjoy a steaming cup of Joe at our Mustard Seed Coffee Bar! Petals N Buds Supports the Mustard Seed through positive advertisement, cash donations and delicious Mustard Seed Coffee. When you donate $20.00 you can obtain a tax deductible receipt straight from The Mustard Seed. We provide flyers and knowledge on Hope Farm Healing Center and monthly Streetbeat flyers.

Hope Farm Healing Centre

Hope farm Healing Center is an addictions recovery center and restorative farming community grounded in Christian practice. The center is available for men who are trying to find the path of a morality, away from a life of unhealthy habits and addiction. This center focuses on building meaningful relationships through Christian practice, farm work, shared meals and group interactions. This center of healing is very important for the greater good and development of the community.

Come down to Petals N buds for a warm cup of coffee, great conversation and flowers! Support your local community by getting involved with The Mustard Seed and help the people of Victoria in need.

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