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November 9th Workshop PNB

WORKSHOP - NOV. 9 2022

We had a great time at our November 9th Daytime Workshop. It ran over time 1:00 - 3:30 as we chatted and enjoyed getting to know each other over design. Workshops are scheduled on Wednesdays or Saturdays and start at 1:00pm planned to last no longer the 1.2 hr. Registration is encouraged because we want you to come into a space completely welcoming and pre-set for you. However you may drop in, and register on the spot. Maximum of 10 people per class.


We made a dry flower wreath

We encouraged registrants to forage fully dry material in their backyards and bring to share with the class, and that which they wish to add to their own wreath.

Every wreath will look somewhat different depending on the material they chose to use.

What I noticed about this format was how supportive it was. We also noticed that we learn a great deal about each other by what they bring to class to share. What one person through was beautiful on their own, but doubtful to bring, another brought. This makes the environment validating and comfortable in which one can express their creativity.

From the bottom of our heart, Petals n Buds wants to thank you for coming to our November 9th Workshop!

Remember to check out our Wine and Design workshops where the classes may be a bit longer, held in the evening, ages 19 + because we offer you that little bit of red or white. Who doesn't like that?

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