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Say "I LOVE YOU" all around the world. Feb 14, 2018 »

Rawr means I Love You! in Dinosaur. There are hundreds of languages in the world. Tell her how you feel, in language spoken around the world.

BascNere Maitea
BatakHolong rohangku di ho
BavarianI mog di narrisch gern
BengaliAmi tomAy bhAlobAshi
BengaliAmi tomake bhalobashi
BerberLakh tirikh
BicolNamumutan ta ka
Bolivian Quechuaqanta munani
BulgarianObicham te
Burmesechit pa de


CambodianBon sro lanh oon
Cambodiankh_nhaum soro_lahn nhee_ah
Canadian FrenchJe t'aime
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