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Inexpensive Ways to Create a Romantic Date

Spending quality time together with another person doesn't need to cost that much, after all love doesn't cost anything. Sometimes the most fun you’ll ever experience costs little to nothing. If you’re low on money or just tired of the same kind of dates over and over again, then try these ideas for a fun inexpensive change of pace.

Go on a scavenger hunt together

Participate in a local scavenger hunt or create one of your own.

Watch a movie at home on mute while the two of you improvise the language

This could make for a really fun and silly time! Just make up fun stuff as you go along, the funnier the better.

Make some crafts together

Check out Pinterest for lots of creative DIY craft ideas; make paintings and other stuff for your home.

Movie marathon weekend

Pick a trilogy or a series to watch and marathon it all weekend.

Do something together outdoors like walking, running, hiking, biking, or swimming

Get outside and get some sunshine and fresh air together. Being active together and/or exercising together can help both of you.

Picnic at a local park

Pack a lunch for the two of you and be sure to bring some bread to feed the ducks if there’s a pond. Enjoy a nice day outside walking around the park and pick a spot to sit down and share lunch. You could even bring a game along to play after you've enjoyed the park.


Volunteer together

Make DIY homeless care kits or volunteer with a local organization.

Write a piece of fiction together

Sit at a coffee shop or at home together and take turns writing lines.

Have a spa night at home giving each other a massage

Be sure to include candles, massage oil, and essential oils. Feathers make for a great add-on to a massage; just rub them over your partner before, during, or after the massage.

Watch funny YouTube videos

Compile a list of funny YouTube videos to share together or take a look at some lists people have already put together online.

Blind Date

Invite her to share a blind date with you at a busy downtown coffee shop. Show up with a few, unwrapped rustic flowers behind your back.

Watch the sunrise and/or sunset (even better from the beach). Pack a blanket and some snacks to share

Pack a picnic breakfast, dinner, or snack, and cuddle with your partner while watching the sunrise or sunset.

Take a free class and learn something together

Take a free class, either locally or online, together. Learn something new together, maybe a new language, a new skill, cook something new together or read a book together.

Have an indoor picnic

Serve dinner on a picnic blanket laid out in the living room. Open a bottle of wine with some favorite finger foods. An indoor picnic can be even more fun and romantic than a traditional outdoor one. It’s quieter and no interruptions!

Try new cuisine

Check out a new ethnic cuisine — something neither of you have tried before. The element of adventure will add some excitement to your date, and, who knows, maybe the two of you will find a new favorite.

Date Dinner Wine

Reawaken your inner child

Stop at the toy store to pick up a few goodies. Try a Frisbee or kite for some outdoor fun.

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