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The Meaning of Colors
The Meaning of Colors

The Meaning of Colors

Flowers express a message without a spoken word.

When you choose to give flowers, you send more than beautiful petals n buds; you send a message without any spoken words. Yet often this is easier said than done; not all flowers deliver the right messages and the question arises “Which flowers do you give? How do you ‘know’ you are giving the right ones?” Spend the time getting to know what each color represents and consider sending an un-traditional number of stems or combination of colors.

Roses are always a perfect choice for expressing the nuances of your deepest feelings. Still the language of color has a long history of tradition and today color meaning interpretations are multi-faceted. Here are the most widely recognized meanings associated with rose colors:

Classic Red: Red roses are a classic and a popular choice since their message is an unmistakable expression of love, beauty, and passion. There are variations of the red variety and the deeper the red, the deeper the meaning. Dark reds show enduring romantic love whereas a brighter cherry red suggests its excitement and passion. In addition to their message of love, red roses can be given in recognition of courage and to show respect or to say "Well done!" and "Congratulations".

Traditional White: White flowers are traditional and convey feelings of peace and harmony. Giving white roses says that you believe that your intentions are pure and that the recipient is worthy.

Bright Yellow: Yellow is a bright color that immediately conjures up thoughts of summer and sunshine, and all things that are good. Therefore, yellow roses are always a safe color to send anyone and will always share a message of friendship, gladness and delight; perfect for the new mother, graduate or newly engaged.

Sweet Pink: There are many variations of pink roses and all of them communicate sweetness and elegance. Light pink roses show happiness, joy and admiration. If you want to send an expression of gratitude deep pink roses are perfect because they symbolize appreciation and thankfulness. If you want to recognize her feminine affection you may send roses with a dusty hint of pink.

Fiery Orange: Orange is a color of warmth and energy. Orange roses convey the desire and fervor that the sender feels for the recipient. A toned-down version of these brilliant color is what is called Fire n’ Ice Roses. Fire n’ Ice Roses have a yellow interior and a bright orange outline along each petal; these bright rose blossoms speak pride and enthusiasm coupled with happiness.

Enchanted Lavender: Purple is a novel color that conveys best wishes of health, wealth, and faithfulness. Sending this color rose says that you find the recipient as enchanting as the lavender rose. The light purple rose is a good choice if you want to express love at first sight and the deeper the color the more depth to your message. Often purple roses are harmonized with a very distinct, alluring aroma.

Black: Black roses exist in fantasy but not in nature. Flowers which look black in color are really a deep purple or deep burgundy. Often manufactured, black roses symbolize the unattainable or impossible, which won't make it a good choice to give someone you would like to maintain a relationship with anyway.

Once we understand color meanings independently, we can begin to combine them to deliver a specific message without a word spoken. Look at the color wheel. There are three primary colors (Red, Yellow and Blue). When these colors mix, they form secondary colors (Green, Orange and Purple). By combining these six we create tertiary colors, further expanding our visual pallet.

On the [color wheel] we call those directly opposite each other Complimentary; which in a bouquet generally evoke feelings of excitement and call our attention. Colors close to each other on the color wheel are Analogous colors; when placed together in a bouquet they can evoke more subtle feelings such as warm and cozy or cool and depressing.

Choosing colors carefully is often where you want to begin when you create a bouquet, however many people opt for giving gifts that grow.

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