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Petals n Buds staff understand when someone is in a panic because they had previously forgotten someone’s birthday or anniversary. Asking for an on-the-spot gift is not unoften. Being familiar with military family life this commonality was something that inspired our Forget-Me-Not programs. Where on one hand you could have a bouquet brought to your loved one regularly, on the same day of the week or month, or on the other you could choose specific dates to have a little more significant gift delivered to a loved one.

Now through our Forget-Me-Not subscription service, your flowers and gift are set to automatically arrive. The Forget-Me-Not Floral Gift Subscription was inspired especially for Military Personnel and their families. Due to Deployment and the nature of the work, families are less often able to communicate, and significant dates are challenging to remember.

Loved ones miss their deployed partners, especially on these significant dates. It is essential to remember how this separation and missed contact affects everyone involved. The Forget-Me-Not programs are a small way of touching the lives of your loved ones when you are not able to be there yourself.

Prescript messages say what you would do, if you were right there yourself with them. Your messages will be right there along with the flowers, or gifts, you schedule to have delivered. If you wish to write them yourself, we encourage this; they will be set apart confidentially for delivery the day of your delivery.


If you ever wanted to receive beautiful, fresh flowers delivered to your home or office regularly without having to make any phone calls or hassles with payments, consider a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly Flower Subscription with Petals n Buds Florists. We provide this service to anyone in the Westshore Townships, Saanich Peninsula and around Greater Victoria. You can set up a subscription for you or someone you love to receive flowers on the same day of the week/month, tailored by request at the beginning of a subscription order. No hassles, phone tag or regular cash exchanges just the peace of knowing you or someone you love are guaranteed to receive flowers regularly weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and have a personalized message attached each order.

Setting up a floral subscription is simple to do. Get in touch with us and we will forward you any forms we use to plan your service. Service minimum $660/12x includes delivery. In cases of cancelation, two weeks notice is required, and the total unused portion will be bundled into one final order. Delivery address changes can be completed in the Greater Victoria area only once and must be to the same recipient. To make changes please contact us directly at 250-477-7128.


This subscription includes a minimum of 6 significant dates within a year. It ensures you too will receive a reminder three days prior to delivery.

This Subscription is a minimum $600/6 especially important dates. Consider your Partners, Children, Sisters, Staff, Co-workers or Clients.

We provide you with a courtesy phone call or email, whichever you prefer, 3 days prior to the occasion; · a full-size Gift Card comes with your flowers, along with a personal message from you; · delivered the day of your occasion; · provide you a photo of the flowers and gifts that were sent to an email address of your choosing; · add a gift addition such as Crystal Jewellery to accompany your flowers by special request.

For an additional fee, we can shop for you. Setting up a floral subscription is simple. We have simple forms and all it takes is a phone call or email to connect. Be assured, you will not miss. We Will Be Your Wingman! Disclaimers: Due to the discounts and added benefits of subscriptions there is a six-order minimum, after which you can cancel without penalty.

Two weeks notice is required for cancellations. We do not give refunds however returns can be made within 24 hours of delivery for a trade in product. This excludes damaged or rearranged product. Exchanges must be made to 7175 West Saanich Road in person and by appointment. Subscription addresses can be redirected a maximum of two times per year. To make changes please contact us directly.

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