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How to Turn Your Relationship into a Love Affair
Love Affair

Top 10 Ways for Him to be Romantic

Thoughtfulness is nearly the beginning; true Romantics know just how to go above and beyond the call of duty.

1. When you climb into bed, hold her hand. If she caresses you, tell her you want to fall asleep holding her close without letting go of her hand.

2. Don’t just walk into the house tonight as you always do, instead pause on the porch, ring the doorbell and greet her with one red rose and a bottle of champagne.

3. Sometimes a good gift is made superb just by its presentation. Always present your gifts wrapped in decorative paper and fancy bows. If you have two left thumbs, get the store to do your gift wrapping for you.

4. Fake a power outage; loosen the fuses or throw the breaker switches. With no TV to tempt you, not music to distract you, no computer to occupy you and no furnace to heat you, the two of you pretty much have no choice to cuddle up around candle light, in front of the fire place and be romantic.

5. Followed by the bubble bath you’ve prepared for her, wrap her in a towel that you’ve tumbled in the dryer to heat up.

…These are secrets for turning your relationship into a love affair.

Top 10 Romantic Twists

1. Give your lover a dozen roses -11 red and one white. Attach a note that says “In every bunch there’s one who stands out from the rest.”

2. Sending a Birthday card on your lover’s birthday isn’t romantic it’s obligatory. In combination with this gesture try also sending a Thank You card to his or her mother on their birthday.

3. When your partner is traveling alone, arrange with the airline attendant to have a gift or a single wrapped flower delivered to them after the plane is airborne.

4. Gift wrap a wishbone in a jewelry box and send it to her work with a note that reads “I wish you were here.”

If you have two left thumbs when it comes to gift giving try…

5. Ask their best friend (or mother) for help. Request she go shopping with you secretly so that you can buy her a years’ worth of gifts. Establish a budget; let them think about it for one week then go shopping together.

6. Romance for the forever forgetful try Petals n Buds Forget-me-not program.

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