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Hundreds of Rose Petals
rose petals


One of the most meaningful symbols of romance. The Rose. Its beauty expresses hope as its petals twist open, we hope our lives and relationship’s do also. Its scent is evoking passion and tenderness. Its variance of colors embraces every color and combination in the rainbow. The Rose. The stateliest flower to grace the garden.

So, what can you do with the rose, that surpasses the garden?

There are many ways to use the rose petal. From its health benefits to decoration, emotional soothing, and most commonly as an expression for when words just are not enough. So lets see… lets count thy ways of thy rose.

Health Benefits: Roses are natural antioxidants and therefore it makes most sense to add them to homemade cleansers. Either straight dehydrated rose petals crushed and mixed with water will turn into a paste which placed on the skin releases free radical damage from the skin and oil over production. Use this mixture as a mask for just 15 minutes.

Roses are high in Vitamin C. Use rose powders in homemade soaps, lotions and essential oils. Nourish the skin with a mixture of rose powder after long exposure to the sun and its ultra violet rays.

Rose tea is known to relieve menstrual cramps and diarrhea. However when ingesting anything be absolutely sure the roses are organic and have been grown free of pesticides or chemicals.

Home-décor: Roses are stunning fresh and blooming in a beautiful vessel in the centre of your living-room, bedroom nightstand or kitchen table. Roses are elegant under any situation, they bring that touch of meaning to every conversation said in silent or verbal.

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Aside of these, how about using dehydrated petals and flowers in homemade potpourri. Although to be honest you may want to use a concentrated oil to elevate the scent for days.

Enhance a food dish with rose petals. Again, chemical free in cases where people will eat them. Put Rose petals on cheese dishes, salads, cakes or cupcakes. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Self-soothing Uses: So this one I love the most… take fresh rose petals and make a fresh rose table runner out of them for a memorable meal you are about to share. Or throw them on the bed before you jump in and wake up – yes perhaps with some crushed and torn and a little mess to clean but WOW look what you did for yourself. Believe me, even alone, it feels great to wake in rose petals. Or throw them into a sudsy bath before you soak away your tight muscles. Its fun, I promise you. Do it for yourself only and share it with no one. Enjoy!

If perhaps you will want to make a bath salt out of your petals. For this you want them dry, powdered and mixed with Epson Salts. Even add some rose essential oil to the salts to heighten the aromas.

When Words are Not Enough: The placement of Hundreds-of-rose-petals in shapes or letters is a very romantic way to express yourself. Place them in a line leading her around the room or home, place them outside or on the beach. Lay them on the bed or form them into a heart. If you have the room, make letters and say that “thing” you want to say. Fill a bath and pour petals on top or make a runner along the edge of your soaker with candles and wine glasses. Don’t forget to make everything in arms reach as your not going to want to get out of the bath or bed for a while after this episode.

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