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Why add a Helium Balloon
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Helium Balloon Additions

What is a Mylar balloon? Why do I want to add a Mylar balloon to my floral order? What designs are available in Mylar? How long does a Mylar balloon last?

Well, let me help you decide. These balloons are made of a material called "mylar" which is a durable metallic material that has a degree of stretch. Metallic balloons are generally filled with helium so they can float, though there are also smaller balloons that are filled with air and then attached to sticks. Either choices are wonderful, but I recommend filling your Mylar with helium, so they can float and dance about for a long time, and stay just as full and beautiful as the day you purchased them for a very long time. Although there is no official way of determining how long one of these beauties will last, variances such as heat or cool air, how much someone may handle them, all are factors that only time will tell how long they will last. Some of these have been known to last anywhere from a few days, to some varieties lasting upwards of 60 days. They make a wonderful addition for almost any occasion, anything from a christening, a birthday, an anniversary, for someone who is not feeling well, to even graduations and weddings. The possibilities are endless, use your imagination. These pretty additions will be sure to make anyone smile.

We have several new designs available. Several colors, several shapes. How about try a combination of a couple of foils, and mix it with a couple bright jewel tone metallic tones, for a special birthday event, or anniversary? You can even have a Mylar balloon with a special message on it, such as “Welcome”, “Congratulations”, or “Happy Birthday”? Guaranteed to give your floral gift an extra special touch, personalized the way you like it, these are definitely a great way to make someone’s day all that more meaningful. Add one, or add several, to your order and sit back and wait for the compliments from your special someone, on just how lovely these are.

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